Knysna Elephant Park

My best friend from New Zealand came down to visit and of course I just had to show her all the┬á beautiful tourist attractions in and around Knysna and the Garden Route. Well with us both loving animals so much it was an easy decision as to where we would stop first! We arrived at Knysna Elephant Park (which is only 15 minutes drive from Knysna Lodge Self Catering Accommodation) and received a warm and friendly welcome from their staff. We paid R260 per person and also bought an Elephant Snack Bucket each for R40. I would highly recommend buying the snack bucket – I don’t think the experience would be the same without it ­čÖé AND Knysna Lodge offers a discount on entry to Knysna Elephant Park (as well as others), so be sure to ask about these.

Following a short video, we were transported to the elephants’ feeding area in a big, open field. The elephants congregate behind a corrugated barrier where visitors can safely feed them.┬á There is also the opportunity to stand next to the elephants for photographs and we were able to walk freely with them. We never felt rushed with the time we had to spend with the elephants. There are no fences to spoil the close encounter and their environment encourages elephants to exhibit natural behaviours. The guides at the Knysna Elephant Park are all friendly and knowledgeable and made us feel very comfortable and at ease with the ellies. Most of the guides have worked with elephants for several years.

It was a very humbling experience to spend time with these big (but gentle) giants and one we will never forget!

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